donderdag 10 november 2011

EP and Popronde

                  Our E.P. "Battle The Sparrows" will be released on the 14th of November
         You can already listen to it on the "3voor12 Luisterpaal"
          There is also an article about the E.P. on 3voor12

         The last couple of months we've played a lot of shows including "poronde shows"
          Here are a couple video's of those shows


dinsdag 8 november 2011

busy times, EP release and Popronde

We've been really busy for the last two month with an overload of gigs. We played almost every region in Holland due to the Popronde Festival! We had an amazing time, so thank you all for coming to see us and hang out with us.
After the shows we heard the question "do you have a cd, yet?" over and over again and we can now proudly present you our new EP - Battle The Sparrows!

The EP will be released officially on november 14th but you can already order it. Simply go to and click on the 'Buy' button. Also(!) on via our new website you can download an exclusive track for free! It's not on the EP and is only downloadable if you follow the instructions that you can find on the bottom of the website. 

We hope to see you all at our last Popronde show: 11 - 11 @ de Effenaar, Eindhoven.
It's also a little bit of a release party for us, since it's the first show you can actually buy our EP! 

dinsdag 6 september 2011

Recording in France - Part 5

Day 5 – last day of recording

Stefan made a promise at breakfast not to smack Eva’s ass today.  He made the promise in trade for handing over a spoon for eating his breakfast. It was all fine, what a lovely day!

As you can see we still like each other

 We also recorded our last two songs. It feels kind of sad to pack up things already and realizing we’re about to leave on Friday morning. Today’s recordings were kind of tough, since the guitar sound didn’t quite work at first. Plus we wrote a new song, which is always pretty difficult. But at the end we pulled it off and it sounds massively heavy. To dedicate the song to our time in France we decide to give it the French title “D’or” – GOLD. 

At night in the dark again, it’s quite an adventure. We sit outside for at least 1,5 hours and hear owls communicate from the forest to the fields back and forth. The stars are out and we experience at least 5 falling. And there we see the brightest falling star ever, with a long tail behind him; it literally crosses the sky from left to right before it disappears forever.

vrijdag 2 september 2011

Recording in France - Part 4

Day 4 – stone beach and seaside
Today starts off with a bit of relaxation. We decide to take the morning of to go to the beach in this little town called Dieppe. It’s a small but really friendly town with an overload of seafood restaurants. The beach is made of stones, which makes it not that pleasant to walk on. But of course we’re real rock and roll die-hards and run barefoot to the sea, which is also not warm but really cold! But we can’t complain, after all we’re in France, doing things we love and having a morning by the seaside!
After breathing our lungs full of fresh air we start recording the Ballad. You’d think one of the easiest things to do, since it’s quite slow. Well, we couldn’t be more wrong… it takes quite some effort to put this one down. But in the end it sounds so lovely, breakable and emotional that we hope we make people cry whilst listening to it.
Later at night we sit outside and it feels like discovery channel. Noises everywhere and we’re not quite sure where they come out from… it might be owls, it might be a fox… who knows. We just stare into the deep dark night while a white owl chases a bat in our backyard.